the swordwind

the swordwind
The rune of Biel-tan stands for the principle of reinincarnation, a fate thought to be reserved for every Eldar before the Fall. The name of the craftworld means "rebirth of ancient days".

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Eltritch storm tactics

Just thought i'd share with you some eldar tricks i've thought up for eltritch storm. Eltritch storm I find works only really effectively against horde armies in conjunction with doom. According to the codex it "does not require a line of sight" and doesn't scatter (I know there is some debate about this but i've always seen it as not scattering. Any comments or arguments on this welcome.). So, how about this: put a farseer in a wave serpent with the doom and eltritch storm powers (probably more worth it to put another squad in there too, but im not discussing that now). keep on moving the wave serpent towards the enemy until your within 18". At this point doom some juicy squad that you want to hurt and then in the shooting phase eltritch storm them! you stay nice and safe in your wave serpent and get to hit them exactly where you want as it does not scatter. Sure its not as deadly as, say unloading a bladestorm but you can keep on sniping away at them In this anoying way until the time comes to speed of and grab the objectives. Ihave since used this against an IG player, and it worked as intended. Bat-rep of it coming soon.


Guillius said...

Sounds like a good tactic specially with the potential of getting so many targets without even getting out of the Serpent. I like it!

Raptor1313 said...

There's another 'stupid trick' you can pull with the Storm.

Doom + Storm + lots of shots on a target is a fine way to do it.

However, the other fun thing to do is use it on vehicles. S3 + 2d6 is unlikely to actually hurt the vehicle as it averages a 10 for penetration. However, it's the ability to turn the vehicle around that's fun. You can then shoot at the exposed weaker facings, assuming you can get to them. Obviously it's not worth a lot on Land Raiders or Vypers, but on something like a Predator or Chimera that relies heavily on one facing, or front + sides, you can potentially mess 'em up.

However, it's also a 'psychic shooting attack', so according to the rules on Psychic Shooting Attacks (p50) you must be able to see the target.

Other than that addition and correction, I agree with your sentiment. The Storm needs to hit up larger infantry units to be worth it, but it does mesh well with Dire Avengers, since their 18-inch range matchs up with the Storm's range.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the two way that ES is useful. I find it is particularly complimentary to a large DA squad. The range is similar, the usefulness of Doom is similar, and the number of wounds caused should be enough to even cause Marines to sweat.

The other use is the ubiquitous "spin the vehicle" that is so much fun against Predators, Vindicators, and pretty much everything IG. Tank shapes and mathhammer make it a little complex, but the simple version is that you have about a 46% chance of getting rear armour and 40% on top of that for side. (Figuring you always choose rear on a HIT!.) Not bad odds for some extra oomph versus tanks.


Jo said...

I haven't tried it on vehicles, but it sounds like a good plan.
About needing line of sight: yes, the rulebook specifies you need line of site but GW FAQ states that eldar codex takes precedence rules wise. The codex states that they "do not require the eldar psyker to have line of sight to the target".
Definitely it works well with Dire aAvengers!