the swordwind

the swordwind
The rune of Biel-tan stands for the principle of reinincarnation, a fate thought to be reserved for every Eldar before the Fall. The name of the craftworld means "rebirth of ancient days".

Friday, 5 June 2009

Things I've finished

So far, I've got two jetbikes done. i really love these models and i think the thorns really suit them. I've tried to stick to the colour scheme for biel tan as much as from what you can see on the side of the jetbike box. however some of it is my own invention, for instance the blue in the second picture, and also the pipes in the third (red and blue). I'd quite like to get a banner for them, but im not sure if that would spoil them (to go on the back).

I've also done this dark reaper. I am particularly proud of his base. again I've mostly stuck to the colour scheme except for the green band round his arm (represents he's biel-tan), and the gold support (normally black , I just thought it looked better gold).

Overall I think my painting has definitely improved and I am very pleased with all these models.

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Got to work out how to fix that formatting. Maybe next time i'll put the pictures on the right....