the swordwind

the swordwind
The rune of Biel-tan stands for the principle of reinincarnation, a fate thought to be reserved for every Eldar before the Fall. The name of the craftworld means "rebirth of ancient days".

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Thorns or no Thorns?

This is my wave serpent, finished (However, I havent glued it yet , if you look closely you can see the blue tack holding it together. this is because I much prefer painting models apart so you can get to the fiddly bits easier). I am very proud of it, particularly the shading and my self designed energy field (blue lighting, then thinner white lightning on top. It took quite a lot of experimentation to settle on this). However this is the big question: should I paint thorns on it like my jetbikes or leave it as it is now and not risk spoiling it? What do you think? I'm leaning towards just leaving it as it is.


Anonymous said...

For my $.10, paint the thorns. You're already doing it on the Jetbikes. Make the force overall cohesive. I think it will also be that extra bit of freehand detail to take it from "nice green tank" to "great Biel-Tan tank".

Jo said...

But what if it just makes it look worse?
I see your point though.

73rd said...

I agree with Dverning - but if you are worried about the black of the thorns contrasting too starkly against the green, try vallejo model black as it is a nice even matte paint that dries with a very nice smooth effect to it. It will help keep things as pretty as the tank stands now, but the thorns will add that extra detail to really catch a person's eye... no pun intended

peter said...

try LESS thorns. i think that a few less that usual will work. bye the way... do you prime your windshields? or do you just paint them without the primer?