the swordwind

the swordwind
The rune of Biel-tan stands for the principle of reinincarnation, a fate thought to be reserved for every Eldar before the Fall. The name of the craftworld means "rebirth of ancient days".

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

vs. necrons

Mission was seize ground with pitched battle deployment. i was using my anti horde list in a fit of madness, but without eltritch storm. What do you think of this format for a battle report?

His deployment.
Turn 2
(during his turn 1 he just moved up so ive included that in this picture and skipped straight to turn 2) I shot plasma and next turn he self repaired the single wound it caused.
Turn 3
Guided dire avengers shot doomed squad. Everything shot the squad and wiped it out.
Turn 4
Jetbikes turbobosted to behind building, wave serpent shot the secon squad with similar results to previously.
Turn 5
wave serpent turboboosted to contest and jetbikes shot to no effect before claiming another objective during their assault move. Roll a 3 so game continues
Turn 6
necrons rapid fired my wave serpent before the lord assaulting. did no damage thanks to 3+ cover save from turboboosting and only hitting on 6's in assault. Wave serpent turbo boosted back to claim a different objective jetbikes did same as last time. game ended on a 1.

final thoughts
eldar: 2 objectives
necrons: 1 objective

I think a wave serpent with dire avengers and a farseer works really well, and i am even considering completely scrapping my anti marine 500 point list and just using this one. I think that mech is the way to go and 3 reapers really isnt worth it. Any thoughts?


eriochrome said...

Necrons at 500 points with normal rules. That seems pretty much unfair since his required choices are about 460 points with no upgrades I think.

Given that the weakness of warriors in close combt is currently the biggest problem with necrons an army with just warriors is going to go down pretty easy.

500 point games should probably be done with combat patrol rules.

Jo said...

yeah, I agree with most of that. seems pretty unfair what with having only 40 points which you can choose what to do with. however i wasn't too harsh as you notice i didn't have any assault troops. Also, i feel that he did make a few mistakes so it was a fair game. For instance he could have deployed his share of objectives close together and kept his squads closer together. this would have meant that even when I wiped out the 1st squad he would have got WBB (other necrons of the same type within 6"). This would have been very tricky for me and and he could have pulled out a win.

Jo said...

i can't really remember combat patrol. wasn't it just more restrictions on what you could and couldn't take?

peter said...

i think you should actually take pictures. that way we can understand a bit more. but still i like it!